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Leadership Skills Training & Coaching Programs
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Do NOT buy any leadership skills training programs
unless they meet each of these 7 critical criteria for
ensuring your complete success...

There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to show you 7 crucial items that you absolutely, undeniably, positively must have in every leadership training course and leadership development coaching solution you ever plan to purchase:
  1. Your training supplier MUST give you a risk-free, iron-clad, performance-based guarantee - you should always know how confident your training providers are about their ability to help improve your leadership skills - if their Program doesn't work for you, you should get 100% of your money back!

  2. Your courses & class materials should always be presented to you using different modes or media types, such as,
    "Visual (looking at and reading through diagrams, papers, slides), Kinesthetic (actively working with forms, exercises, interactive maps, etc.) and Aural (intently listening to recordings, lectures, music)."
    Your lessons must empower you to master new subjects using various learning techniques, such as, employing "spaced repetition" - a method which provides learners with an exposure to the same message for a few minutes every day will boost their understanding of the subject matter in a short period of time.

  3. Your training program has totally prepared you only when you understand and know your strengths and weaknesses. That's the best way to ensure that your growth plans, educational goals and desired results will help you meet the challenges of your unique situations. You may also need to track and evaluate your progress (therefore, with real figures, facts and focused feedback, you get to intimately "see", "feel" and "experience" your small wins!)

  4. Your educational experience must give you ample opportunities to play, work and experiment with the concepts, principles and procedures of leadership. That way, you can practice, adapt, refine and master your newly-acquired skills - you'll want to call our "best-in-class" approach, "My Experiential Power Learning System!".

  5. Your growth and development needs a focused, disciplined program of progress assessments and follow-up support - your Program must provide 1-2 hours of intensive skills strengthening, behavioral reinforcing activities every week (our Awesome Leadership Power Tutorials Programs give you up to 8 hours of monthly, "1-on-1", performance improvement coaching, tutoring and mentoring sessions).

  6. You're a unique, one-of-a-kind individual, aren't you?

    Your executive, management, supervisory, professional or entrepreneurial challenges are different from every other team or project leader, business manager, specialist and administrator in the world.

    It only stands to reason that your educational program should develop effective leadership qualities, styles, traits and communications by helping you:
    • Organize your own personal action plans,
    • Establish learning objectives that are right for your needs,
    • Chart your progression towards the goals you want to achieve,
    • Guide you around the pitfalls & help you avoid the roadblocks along your way
    • Comment on, question and see how well you are performing and
    • Influence what is happening to your growth on a week-by-week basis
    (Your Awesome Leadership Power Tutorials Program gives you this unique type of daily personal attention - no other Web-based leadership training or leadership coaching program even comes close!)

  7. Your training program provider must spend extra time on satisfying your toughest demands, you must be able to invest in your most profitable opportunities and pay close attention to working on your highest pay-off results. Because the complexity of today's challenges are your reality, you deserve a comprehensive, competent and compatible series of in-depth, insightful, incredibly proficient educational experiences - you deserve your very own Awesome Leadership Excellence Program!

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